The Quick Style is a mindset, lifestyle and style within dance inspired by urban cultures such as Hip Hop. The Quick Style started in 2006 with the group Quick Crew and their expression in dance. Quick Style consists of Suleman Malik (25), Bilal Malik (25) and Nasir Siri Khan (24). These three grew up in Oslo where they spent much of his spare time in youth clubs. At the youth club X-ray discovered the art of dance and decided to try out. In 2006 they participated in youth culture patterning and came on to the county muster and won dream scholarship. Then attended the boys in NM, European and World Championships in the International Dance Organization Hip Hop. Where are the boys be recurring winners of NM, 2nd place in the European Championships and two-time winners in the World Cup year 2008 and 2010. In 2009 won the boys Norwegian Talents and signed artist contract with Sony Music. Then did they tour around in the country and appeared on the largest stages in the country such as VG list. Quick was discovered through Youtube and has traveled around the world in order to teach their style within dance. And they have done since and has built its name Abroad to could be seen as one of the most sought-after dance group. The boys have had sponsorship / partnership with major brands like Samsung, Redbull, Monster and Nike that has lifted the market value of the boys in the industry as an entertainer / entertainment group. The boys have been on many television programs such as Shall We Dance, Star Game, Norwegian Talents and My Dance crew as both contestants, judges and guest appearance. Same year they won the Norwegian Talents started the Quick Style Studio. This place would be a place for young people where they could learn the dance and much more. Quick Style Studio has since 2009 had more than 200 members and is currently the most popular dance school in the country.

Honest jam with one of the realest house dancer in Japan. Big honour to present to you Hiroyuki Suzuki (Hiro) Quick Crew = Quick Style
Music: Till the AM by TroyBoi Location: Kyoto - Not to disrespect the japanese culture, dancing on Shorenji was a big honor to us. The family allowed us to film/dance there. A big thanks to them. 今回は、生蓮寺さんの了承を得た上で、日本への尊敬とアートをテーマに畳の上で踊らさせていただきました。 生蓮寺のご協力本当にありがとうございました。 Performed by: Strawhatz & Koharu Sugawara, Rio Takanaka, Hinano IIno, Yuki Shibuya.